How was your weekend, everyone? Having spent a thoroughly lazy Sunday, I’m finally awake enough to report that the Limpopo family’s was fabulous. We started off with a gig at our favourite local venue, Global café, with the wonderful Will on sound and a mixed crowd of old and new faces. It’s always a pleasure to see the regulars and catch up with the friendly staff there, but also to meet new fans too. Let me take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone supporting us – your kind comments and enthusiasm are blessings and we are simply grateful to do what we do. When we can share that love and fun with others, especially those with such varied and awesome dance moves, it just makes us even happier.

After catching a few winks, we headed down to the grand Hilton to set up for the Creating Better Futures ball. Yet again, Michael and Dorothy Dix and the rest of the charity pulled off a an incredible evening. (If you have even a spare minute, look them up – www.creatingbetterfutures.org.uk ) Last year they raised £4520 to support the education and welfare of orphans and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe and we are always looking forward to the next event.

After a delicious 3 course feast, heartfelt speeches, auctions and more, I’m surprised we found the energy, but with the delightful Doug on sound and everyone with their dancing shoes polished and ready to boogie, we blasted out another set, including our newest cover of Umqombothi which was very well received. Then there was just enough time for some silliness and photos whilst we packed up before heading home to….what’s it called again? Oh yeah, sleep!

On another note, I have been mulling over merchandise for the fans. There have been requests for Limpopo badges and we have also discussed the possibility of wristbands. Of course, T-shirts would be the ideal choice…but then there is the added complication of sizes, so what to do? Have no fear…..I have found the solution – one size fits all (as you can see in the following photos) and it encapsulates the positivity and calibre of our supporters.

Sleep tight Super Groovers – you are our heroes!

M xo

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