Happy New Year / Makorokoto Egoredzva!


Greetings one and all and welcome to the future! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and said a fond farewell to 2015 surrounded by family, friends, fireworks and maybe even a little fizz.

If you missed our yearly round-up video, you can catch it again here:

…and be sure to check out Tomson and myself on the radio (Blast 1386 with Israel Onoriode) whilst you’re drinking plenty of water to help with the hangovers. 😉

As for this shiny, sparkling, brand new year, fear ye not – you have another six days to recuperate and rest your feet before the dance-fest begins again at Global on Friday 8th January. The ideal way to start working off that turkey dinner and mince pies whilst having fun – bring a friend and be ready for some new moves too! See you soon.

M xo

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