Time Flies…

Radio interview with Bridgitte Tetteh

…When you’re a busy band and an absent blogger! Where did last year go? Never fear, I’m here to catch you up to speed. 😉

Limpopo Groove stepped up the events in 2016, still grooving away the weekends at our home turf that is Global café, and interviews with Zimbo LIVE TV, BBC Radio Berkshire plus some brand new gigs. Our fabulous photographer friends captured crazy circle dancing action and Tomson’s new crash cymbal trick (watch out for it at our next gig) at HAODS studio in Henley…

…We had an even more successful Groove in Da Garden gig (thank you to our generous fundraising fans) and had the privilege of tasting the most delicious organic vegetables, courtesy of Tolhurst Organic Farm at their 40 year book launch.

Never one to turn down a good cause, our good friends at Reading Refugee Support called us to action again, and with our backing, we look forward to seeing Reading gain its title as a City of Sanctuary in the near future. Hurrah!

Whilst there are too many performances to mention every single one, thank you to all those who chose Limpopo for their wedding, anniversary or party and of course Eldon Arms for your enthusiasm and continued support. We love you all.

Posing outside the Eldon

The Eldon Arms

Finally, last year saw our first live studio recording, another exclusive for our fans, which you can watch a snippet of in the form of “Pemberai” on our YouTube channel now. Keep your eyes peeled, however, as 2017 promises much more…

Global kisses

With Love from Global